”Himalayan Naari” products are supplied in Europe, America & many other countries


hope that our economic capacity is brought back to normal

Our Special  correspondence 

Mayank Arya 

When the world is going through a major economic imbalance because of the lockdown caused by the universal pandemic, India like many other countries opens doors for markets and businesses in hope that our economic capacity is brought back to normal.

The Prime Minister while addressing the nation & emphasised self-dependence and said elevating micro small & medium enterprises, cottage industries, etc will be the new reformed India.

I’m reminded of one such initiative called the “Himalayan Naari “consistently running successfully from the past six years in chaukori Uttarakhand, the quaint hilltop hamlet perched 2000 meters above sea level in the Himalayas.

My long-awaited wish to visit Kumaon for holi celebrations turned true this year in the first week of March and right after the festival got over I proceeded towards chaukori by this sudden and unexpected invitation from a friend to visit their center and there I was in the beautiful hill station with tall standing panchachauli peaks right in front of me, Chaukori is beautiful.

When I visited the Himalayan Naari center, I was thrilled to see the articles present there and women from the villages handing over knitted products.

Dr. Kathleen Bollerud a US-based retired psychologist identified the genetic knitting talent present in the women of chaukori & trained them with specialized technical knowledge and enhanced their skill which today makes Himalayan Naari a women’s Self-help Group with 50+ members & each of these members earn a healthy livelihood.

Dr. Bollerud being the founder and director of Himalayan Naari, coordinates sales, marketing, and product development. She’s marketed the products so well that the shawls, caps, mufflers, etc knitted at the Himalayan Naari are supplied in Europe, America & many other countries.

The source of income is mainly through agriculture in the area but with Himalayan Naari introduced the women of Chaukori earn a strong livelihood and have become a huge contributor of funds in their families & inspired by their success many other women from nearby villages pick the fabric and raw material from the center and deposit the knitted products and are paid right away.

A neat ambiance, with integrated and passionate working women The Himalayan Naari in Chaukori, sets up an example of women empowerment and liberation.
Whoever thought a remote village at a far-flung area will be making products for people all around the globe, the governance in the state often fails to recognize the inherited talent it’s people have but thankfully people like Dr. Bollerud land up and promote these talented people who later do miracles for themselves and motivate others.

I wish initiatives like The Himalayan Naari, prospers everywhere in the state and many more self-dependent women are born as they have it in Chaukori.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Mana Aka Himalayan Rose for being a true motivator and inspiration for these women, it’s because of your monitoring and devotion the Himalayan Naari stands successful.